Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 13, 2013

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The Louisiana Coast: Last Call — The Shape We’re In Now
By Bob Marshall, WWNO (New Orleans). May 13, 2013.
“If you enter New Orleans in a Google search you’ll get words and images that echo the city’s unofficial motto: laissez les bon temps rouler, let the good times roll…” (Read more)

Boxer seeks Sacramento levee funding in water bill
By Curtis Tate, McClatchy. May 12, 2013.
“WASHINGTON – In contrast to contentious debates over issues such as guns, immigration and the federal budget, a bill to address critical water infrastructure – including flood protection for Sacramento – looked like it might have an easier time getting through a divided U.S. Senate…” (Read more)

Huge Swamp Rats are Eating Louisiana
By Sean Breslin, The Weather Channel. May 9, 2013.
“They’re huge, they’re nasty, and now, they’re becoming an invasive problem for Louisiana…” (Read more)

Levee meant to contain sinkhole water breaches
The Associated Press. May 10, 2013.
“BAYOU CORNE, La. (AP) – Water continues to pour into a massive Assumption Parish sinkhole after five holes opened in the levee surrounding it…” (Read more)