Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 20, 2015

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Local bills win final legislative approval
By Jeremy Harper, Daily Comet. May 19, 2015
“The annual plan is released each year as part of Louisiana’s $50 billion Comprehensive Master Plan for coastal restoration and protection. The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority approved the plan earlier this year, but it requires legislative approval as well.” (Read More)

Five years after Deepwater Horizon
By Kat Diersen, National Geographic. May 20, 2015
“Nevertheless, the environmental impacts of the spill and dispersants used in subsequent cleanup efforts are stunning in their breadth and scale.  Over a thousand miles of coastline were ultimately oiled.  Tens of thousands of acres of wetlands were choked by it, causing death of trees and grasses that sped up the already rapid erosion of the Louisiana coast.  Oiled birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals were collected for rehabilitation by the thousands.” (Read More)
 Federal study of dolphin deaths after BP spill to be released Wednesday
By AP,The Times-Picayune. May 20, 2015
“The results of a federal study into possible links between BP’s catastrophic 2010 oil spill and a spate of dolphin deaths since the spill is set to be released Wednesday. The study is part of a wide-ranging assessment of ecological damage caused by the spill.” (Read More)