Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 29, 2015

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La. coastal plan, including local projects, wins approval
By Keith Magill, Daily Comet. May 28, 2015
“Louisiana’s 2016 coastal restoration master plan has won final legislative approval. It provides $884 million for projects next year, an increase of approximately $159 million over the year prior.” (Read More)
At State of City, Mayor Landrieu Announce Plans for Katrina 10th Anniversary Commemoration – ‘K10-Resilient New Orleans’ Will Be Months Long Commemoration
PR Newswire. May 28, 2015
“The months-long commemoration, ‘K10-Resilient New Orleans,’ will showcase for the country and the world the growth, recovery, and long-term resilience planning the City has embarked upon in the years after the catastrophic storm.” (Read More)