Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 7, 2015

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Gulf Oil Spill Completely Destroyed this Island
*features Natalie Peyronnin, EDF & Doug Meffert, NAS
By Stephen Luntz, IFL Science. May 06, 2015
“As Natalie Peyronnin of the Environmental Defense Fund explains. “The oil comes down, it kills the mangroves, which then kills the root system. And the root is holding together this island, and without that root system holding together, the sediment it just erodes away.” An island 5.5 acres in size (2 hectares) has largely vanished.” (Read More)

5 years ago, this island was the size of 4 football fields – now a devastating disaster has completely washed it away
*features Natalie Peyronnin, EDF
By Jessica Orwig, Business Insider. May 07, 2015
“Wiping Cat Island, which used to be about the size of four American football fields, from the face of the earth in less than a decade took a different kind of devastation: the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010.” (Read More)
Island dissolves in the Gulf of Mexico
*features Natalie Peyronnin, EDF
By Dan Bronis, WSFX. May 06, 2015
“The island was about six acres and within five years very little land remains above the waters surface. This could impact birds migrating that use the island as a resting stop. This could be the first of many long term effects seen from this preventable and costliest US environmental disaster.” (Read More)