Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 8, 2015

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After the oil spill: Still looking for answers 5 years later amid Louisiana beauty and hidden concerns
By Katie Oxford, Houston Culture Map. May 08, 2015
“I see spin whenever I see the BP ads. They give you the impression that ecology wise, resolution has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. All’s well. They say things like, “I’m from Louisiana – I grew up here,” to sell sentiment. They don’t mention the complexity of the ecosystem. The necessity of time required and continued study if we’re to learn the real consequences. Long term.” (Read More)

WWNO’s Coastal Glossary
By Laine Kaplan-Levenson & Jesse Hardman, WWNO. May 08, 2015
“As we explore the Gulf Coast more comprehensively than ever before, trying to understand better the complex relationships inherent in the restoration process, there’s a lot to learn and keep track of.
In order to both understand and talk about coastal erosion, an expanded vocabulary is needed — one filled with brand-new terms whose definitions are integral to absorbing the problems and solutions Louisiana faces around water and land loss.” (Read More)