Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Nov. 13, 2014

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After BP’s disaster, a massive plan to revive the Gulf of Mexico
By Rob Curran, Fortune Magazine. Nov. 12, 2014.
“As funds from the BP oil spill fines become available for environmental and economic development projects this month, an alliance of conservation groups has produced a master plan to protect the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline …” (read more )

Louisiana recommends five projects for Restore Act oil spill fine money
By Julia O’Donoghue, The Times-Picayune. Nov. 12, 2014.
“The state’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority voted unanimously on the projects they will submit to the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council for funding …” (read more )
Assigning a Cost to BP’s Gulf Oil Spill: Four Years on, Debate Continues
By Dahr Jamail, Global Research. Nov. 13, 2014.
“Even if BP is fined $52 billion for their disaster, this massive amount of money cannot reverse ecological impacts from which scientist’s estimate the Gulf will take decades to recover …” (read more )