Latest Mississippi River Delta News: November 18, 2015

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Edwards, Vitter answer questions on coastal restoration
*features MRD
By David Hammer, WWL-TV. November 18, 2015
The Restore the Mississippi Delta Coalition and the Coast Builders Coalition sent two questions to Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican David Vitter. The first asked what the candidates would do to pay back the state’s $1.8 billion debt to the federal government for the New Orleans area flood protection system, a debt that is now structured with payments of $93 million a year for the next 30 years.” (Read More)

El Nino Adds to Louisiana’s Many Coastal Threats
*features John Lopez, LPBF
By Susan Buchanan, Huffington Post. November 16, 2015
As El Nino and other factors impact winds, this fall’s Gulf blasts from the southeast caused flooding around Lake Pontchartrain and in St. Bernard Parish. AccuWeather’s Smerbeck said tropical systems can move in from the southeast in a northwesterly direction through Lakes Borgne and Pontchartrain. “Winds funnel up between Mississippi’s coast and the Mississippi River and cause tidal accumulation,” Lopez said.” (Read More)

Concerns grow over shrinking cypress swamps (video)
By Bill Capo, WWL-TV. November 16, 2015
Pate said among key factors killing bald cypress trees are land subsidence, especially when water levels are rising as well, because the seeds need dry spells to begin growing. Also salt water pouring into swampland from the Gulf of Mexico is harmful to fresh water trees.” (Read More)

Lack of funding threatens Louisiana’s ambitious coastal plans (video)
By John Snell, WVUE. November 18, 2015
Louisiana has crafted one of the most elaborate ecosystem restoration and storm protection plans in the world history, at least on paper. However, a Tulane University report finds Louisiana lack tens of billions of dollars over the coming decades to make its Coastal Master Plan a reality.” (Read More)