Latest Mississippi River Delta News: November 20, 2012

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BP’s Settlement Is Only the Beginning of the End of the Gulf Oil Spill
By Bryan Walsh, Time Magazine. November 16, 2012.
“All the oil has been cleaned up or has evaporated from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico—well, nearly all of it—while the spill itself seems to have receded into memory, something that transfixed us for months but which is now little more than grist for an episode of the Newsroom…” (Read more)

BP spills green
Editorial, The Free Lance StaR (Fredericksburg, Va.). November 20, 2012.
“THE GULF OF MEXICO coast is still a beautiful place. The watermen are busy hauling in the Gulf’s bounty of shrimp and fish, and it doesn’t even smell like oil anymore, for the most part. The offshore rigs are again busily bringing up black gold from beneath the Earth’s surface…” (Read more)

Fishing families on the Louisiana bayou still fighting for their future
By Anna Kramer, Oxfam. November 19, 2012.
“Last week I took a memorable ride in a very small boat. The flat-bottomed skiff belonged to Tracy Kuhns and Michael Roberts, leaders of Oxfam’s partner organization GO FISH, who keep it moored alongside their shrimping boat on the canal that borders their backyard…” (Read more)