Latest Mississippi River Delta News: November 26, 2012

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To Hurricane Sandy victims New Orleans sends its love: Editorial
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). November 23, 2012.
“The rest of this country – and indeed the whole world – opened its heart to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and its accompanying levee breaks submerged us…” (Read more)

How felony pleas could work against BP in other cases
By Loren Steffy, The Houston Chronicle. November 16, 2012.
“While BP’s criminal settlement in the Deepwater Horizon case was unprecedented, what it didn’t include may be as interesting as what it did…” (Read more)

Just the start for BP?
By Wesley Loy, Petroleum News (Anchorage, Alaska). November 25, 2012.
“After striking criminal deal on Deepwater Horizon, firm braces for huge civil hit..” (Read more)

Effort under way to restore Cat Island in Plaquemines
By Amy Wold, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.). November 26, 2012.
“The months have not been kind to Cat Island, two small spits of land in Plaquemines Parish that have served for years as bird nesting destinations…” (Read more)

Architect proposes natural-inspired rethink of New York City waterfront
Public Radio International. November 23, 2012.
“Rather than build large, immovable concrete and steel structures to hold back rising oceans, architect Adam Yarinsky suggests we focus on shaping the shoreline how nature did, with an emphasis on green space and absorbing the rising tides, rather than just trying to push it back…” (Read more)

Damage control
By Richard A. Lovett, Cosmos Online. November 26, 2012.
“More than two years after a British Petroleum oil rig spilled millions of litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. authorities are still trying to measure the impacts…” (Read more)

Impact of East Coast fisheries still playing out
By Jeremy Alford, The Houma (La.) Courier. November 22, 2012.
“BATON ROUGE — If you thought Louisiana’s seafood industry might get a boost from the lull in commercial fishing activity where Hurricane Sandy made landfall late last month, you were wrong…” (Read more)

Assessing Isaac’s damage
By Claire Taylor, The Advertiser (Lafayette, La.). November 25, 2012.
“As the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season comes to a close this week, Acadiana residents can breathe a little easier, having narrowly escaped the wrath of Hurricane Isaac, a Category 1 storm that made landfall Aug. 28 near the mouth of the Mississippi River…” (Read more)

Oyster harvests at historic low
By Nikki Buskey, The Daily Comet (Houma, La.). November 23, 2012.
“Commercial oyster harvests in important fishing grounds east of the Mississippi River have reached historic lows, state wildlife officials said…” (Read more)