Latest Mississippi River Delta News: November 30, 2015

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Tons of recycled oyster shells from New Orleans area restaurants could help protect the coast
*features Kim Reyher, CRCL
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. November 25, 2015
Restaurant workers and oil company employees rolled up their sleeves one day last week and shoveled ton after ton of oyster shells into bags as part of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’s oyster shell recycling program.” (Read More)

Private companies restoring wetlands in Plaquemines Parish are employing mitigation bank process
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. November 25, 2015
A private wetlands creation project in Plaquemines Parish, with the size and complexity of state-built coastal restoration work, expects to take advantage of a mitigation bank to bring back wetlands near the Mississippi River and make a profit at the same time.” (Read More)

Culinary institute, restaurants using oyster shells for coastal restoration
*features Jimmy Frederick, CRCL
By Elizabeth Barrouquere, Houma Courier. November 27, 2015
Spearheading the project is the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, which started the oyster shell recycling program in June 2014. In what the Baton Rouge-based nonprofit hopes is the first of many similar projects, the coalition plans to introduce 800 tons of bagged shell in spring or summer to the waters of Lake Athanasio off St. Bernard Parish. The lake is part of the Biloxi Swamp, where high-energy waves have severely eroded the land, CRCL spokesman Jimmy Frederick said.” (Read More)