Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Oct. 8, 2013

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The Louisiana Coast: Last Call — The RESTORE Act
By Bob Marshall, WWNO (New Orleans). Oct. 7, 2013.
“We spoke with David Muth, Director of the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Project for the National Wildlife Federation…” (read more)

TS Karen leaves tar balls, beach erosion on Grand Isle (+Video)
By Paul Murphy, WWL TV (New Orleans). Oct. 7, 2013.
“Life is returning to normal on Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island. Monday, a parade of boats netted loads of shrimp just off the coast of Grand Isle…” (read more)

Deepwater Horizon Trial Enters Second Phase (+Audio)
By Jeff Brady and Melissa Block, NPR. Oct. 7, 2013.
“The second phase of the BP oil spill trial is under way in New Orleans. Last week, the court heard arguments about how BP responded to the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010…” (read more)

BP trial in New Orleans marked by conflicting estimates of Gulf spill size
By Michael Kunzelman, AP. Oct. 6, 2013.
“For weeks after BP’s massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, people across the globe were captivated by a live video feed from underwater cameras that showed the company’s blown-out well belching plumes of black crude into the water…” (read more)

Next phase of BP trial begins with question of how to measure a deep sea oil spill
By Mark Waller, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Oct. 7, 2013.
“Dueling experts, dueling methods and dueling estimates will characterize the latest stage in the BP oil spill trial, which began Monday with opening statements giving conflicting counts of how much oil emptied into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010…” (read more)

BP, federal government fighting over leak totals in Gulf oil spill trial in New Orleans
By Mark Waller, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Oct. 7, 2013.
“The U.S. Justice Department on Monday launched its case for a higher estimate of how much oil coursed out of the Macondo well in 2010, and BP lawyers began working to pick apart the federal government’s experts and their theories on the epic Gulf of Mexico oil spill…” (read more)

BP spars with U.S. government over size of Gulf of Mexico spill
By Kathy Finn, Reuters. Oct. 7, 2013.
“Lawyers for BP and the federal government sparred on Monday over the methods competing teams of scientists used to estimate the size of the company’s 2010 oil spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico…” (read more)

BP oil well dumped 4.2 million barrels into gulf, U.S. says
By Margaret Cronin Fisk, Bloomberg Businessweek. Oct. 07, 2013.
“BP’s doomed Macondo well dumped 4.2 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, a lawyer for the U.S. told a judge who is assessing the size of the spill and how well the company reacted to the disaster…” (read more)

BP stock still a ‘sell’ as legal quagmire continues
By Aaron Levitt, InvestorPlace. Oct. 7, 2013.
“While BP has gotten a partial victory recently, the potential for monster fines in another piece of the case still looms…” (read more)