Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 2, 2015

Our Views: Coastal funding shouldn’t suffer because of failure to properly budget highway projects
The Advocate, October 1,  2015
The Jindal proposal will create a terrible precedent, that money from the Coastal Trust Fund can be used for politically popular projects. Access to Port Fourchon is vital to the oil and gas industry, and that is why we support the expensive elevation project. What we don’t support is sacrificing our future credibility for federal aid for the cost because Jindal has failed to fund properly a needed highway project.” (Read More)

Hey Congress, hands off Louisiana’s oil and gas money: Editorial
The Times-Picayune, October 1,  2015
Louisiana has a more urgent need for the money. It is vital to helping restore our coast, which is vital to the economic lifeblood of our nation. The canals that were cut through the state’s wetlands for oil and gas exploration contributed to erosion that destroyed 1,900 square miles of land from 1932 to 2000. And our marshes are still washing away.” (Read More)
Feds adopt ‘Mardi Gras Pass’ name (video)
By David Hammer, WWL-TV, October 1, 2015
The federal government has officially adopted the name “Mardi Gras Pass” for a highly disputed Mississippi River offshoot near Pointe à la Hache, marking a new twist in the contentious debate over who should control the waterway.” (Read More)