Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 23, 2015

Coastal update a good tool for candidates
*features Restore or Retreat
Editorial, Houma Courier. October 22, 2015
If there is one overriding issue that affects nearly every other here in south Louisiana, it is coastal restoration. Coastal restoration plays a role in everything from economic development to flood risk to building codes.So if there is one topic that should be front and center for public officials and those who wish to be public officials, that is it.” (Read More)
Will sediment diversions destroy Louisiana’s fisheries?
By Todd Masson, The Times Picayune. October 22, 2015
Proponents say the diversions will restore the delta area to its more natural state, before humans constructed levees to channel the Mississippi to the Gulf. Fisheries, they say, will be altered but not harmed. Estuarine fish may seasonally relocate, but they’ll return when river levels retreat in the summer and fall.” (Read More)