Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Sept. 23, 2014

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Search narrows for firms to provide proposals to restore Louisiana coast
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. Sept. 22, 2014.
“Louisiana has narrowed its worldwide search for help in solving its coastal crisis…” (read more)

Despite land loss, Native American community clings to life along the Mississippi River
By John Snell, WAFB. Sept. 18, 2014.
“Along a sliver of land, a funeral procession brings Ronald Phillips home. First by land…” (read more)

Losing Ground in Louisiana (+audio)
By Steve Curwood, NPR – Living on Earth. Sept. 19, 2014.
“Levees along the Mississippi river and years of oil and gas extraction have caused…” (read more)

Inside Report: New study will assess storm surge
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. Sept. 22, 2014.
“For many years, and even to this day, when people in environmental circles discuss…” (read more)

Building for resilience in New Orleans
By Katherine Guenioui, World Cement. Sept. 23, 2014.
“Lafarge participated in the US$700 million Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System…” (read more)