Latest Mississippi River Delta News: September 14, 2015

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New Orleans is still vulnerable to another big storm
By Adam Ernick. PRI. September 14, 2015
The sad reality is that the coastal land in Louisiana subsides about three feet every hundred years,” he explains. “Now, if you add to that the predictions for sea level rise, you’re talking about an effective rise in water of six feet over 100 years. So it’s a losing situation unless you go in and try to restore the wetlands.” (Read More)
Entrepreneurs fight the next Katrina
By Rhonda Abrams. APP. September 14, 2015
Healthy wetlands provide substantial protection against hurricane damage. They reduce surge, store water and slow floodwaters. They also break the waves. “The waves are the most damaging to the levees,” Mack explained. “Wave energy is like an earthquake.” (Read More)