Latest Mississippi River Delta News: September 19, 2012

Diversions present flood of concerns
By Nikki Buskey, The Daily Comet (Lafourche Parish, La.). September 18, 2012.
“State and environmental officials have long argued the only way to rebuild and restore coastal Louisiana is by re-plumbing the Mississippi with multiple river diversions.

But as large-scale projects get underway, concerns about flooding and fisheries impacts are plaguing the process…” (Read more)

No tidal flooding protection in store soon for vulnerable St. John neighborhoods
By Matt Scallan, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). September 18, 2012.
“The wind-driven tides that flooded thousands of homes in St. John the Baptist Parish two weeks ago during Hurricane Isaac should give new impetus to the construction of a hurricane protection levee, which parish officials have been pushing for decades. But just when Isaac proved how vulnerable St. John neighborhoods are to tidal flooding, the Army Corps of Engineers will run out of money to move the project forward on Sept. 30, when the federal fiscal year ends…” (Read more)