Latest news: July 3, 2012

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Restoration, Alabama style: RESTORE Act should assist all parts of the state damaged by oil spill
Editorial, The Anniston (Ala.) Star. July 3, 2012.
“The “RESTORE Act,” passed recently by Congress, is a welcomed piece of legislative justice…” (Read more)

RESTORE Act could jump start coastal efforts, but money is not in the bank
By John Snell, WVUE-TV (New Orleans). July 1, 2012.
“New Orleans, La.- Louisiana’s efforts to battle land loss have been as starved for funding as the marsh is for fresh water.

Friday, Congress laid the framework for some vary large pay days in the future, overwhelmingly approving the RESTORE act…” (Read more)

Southerland offers insight into RESTORE Act
By Zack McDonald, The Panama City (Fla.) News Herald. July 2, 2012.
“PANAMA CITY — With a victory for the Gulf Coast on the horizon, Rep. Steve Southerland celebrated Congressional approval of the RESTORE Act on Monday afternoon…” (Read more)

RESTORE Act Designed To Spur Growth In Gulf
By Gwen Fishel, Talk Radio News Service. July 2, 2012.
“Before taking the July 4th recess, Congress passed legislation to extend highway funding, flood insurance programs and a one-year freeze on student loan interest rates. Included in the nearly 600-page legislation is the RESTORE Act (the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States Act)…” (Read more)

Louisiana bayou slow to recover from Gulf oil spill
Public Radio International. July 3, 2012.
“Many ecosystems along the Gulf coast have been slow to recover from the BP oil spill in 2010. But few have struggled as much as Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, where the annual erosion rate doubled from five to 10 feet over an 18-month period…” (Read more)

RESTORE Act offers Gulf Coast a shot at economic mobility after the oil spill nightmare
By Jeffrey Buchanan, OxFam America.
“Out of the tragedy of the 2010 BP oil disaster, we could soon see hope emerge. New legislation, the RESTORE the Gulf Coast States Act, just passed by Congress, could bring billions of dollars in resources and a range of new opportunities for environmental restoration, fighting poverty, and promoting economic mobility…” (Read more)