Latest news: July 5, 2012

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Opinion: RESTORE Act calls for careful monitoring
By Editorial Staff, New Orleans City Business. July 3, 2012.
“The disappearing Louisiana coastline moved one significant step closer to salvation when Congress approved the RESTORE Act last week. Using money from pending penalties on BP for the 2010 Gulf oil spill, a strategy to replenish fading marshland and rebuild beaches can be put into action…” (Read more)

Phil Bryant names team to recommend projects for RESTORE Act funds
By The Associated Press. July 4, 2012.
“JACKSON, Mississippi — Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is appointing four agency directors to recommend state projects for recovery from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill…” (Read more)

In Washington’s New Mood of Austerity, Legislating Turns Into a Zero-Sum Game
By Jonathan Weisman, The New York Times. July 4, 2012.
“WASHINGTON — Two presidents — one Democrat, one Republican — tried unsuccessfully for more than a decade to cut back or eliminate a fund for closing abandoned coal mines that had become a piggy bank for Western states. It took a highway bill to do the trick…” (Read more)

RESTORE to bring billions to area
By Mike Dixon, Tri-Parish Times (Houma, La.). July 3, 2012.
“A congressional transportation bill deal reached last Wednesday has ensured that billions of dollars in BP fines will be spent on coastal recovery following the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. It also hints at the production of between 57,000 and 75,000 jobs during the next 10 years…” (Read more)

Money will RESTORE the Gulf Coast
By Russell Colburn, Fox 10 TV (Pensacola, Fla.). July 3, 2012.
“PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) – The eve of our Independence Day has a new meaning in Escambia County. Commissioner Grover Robinson has declared it ‘Congressman Jeff Miller Day,’ for the representative’s recovery work in the two years following the oil spill…” (Read more)

Federal, State And Local Officials Applaud RESTORE Act
By (North Escambia County, Fla.). July 4, 2012.
“Local, state and federal officials gathered on Pensacola Beach Tuesday to celebrate the passage of the RESTORE act. Passed by Congress last week, the RESTORE act, which was part of a larger transportation measure, earmarks 80 percent of water pollution fines BP is expected to pay for restoration efforts in Gulf States, which bore the brunt of the damage from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010…” (Read more)

How much will the RESTORE Act pay out
By Jonathan Andrews, Fox 10 TV (Pensacola, Fla.). July 3, 2012.
“MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – In a rarely seen bipartisan move, Congress passed the RESTORE Act to distribute damages to be paid by British Petroleum as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill…” (Read more)

Unconventional wisdom in Washington
By Scott Burns (Walton Family Foundation), The Miami Herald (Miami, Fla.). July 5, 2012.
“Last week, overwhelming bipartisan majorities in both chambers of Congress passed the Surface Transportation Act, which provides badly needed funding to rebuild America’s highways, railways and transit systems…” (Read more)

Louisiana shrimpers say they’re hurting
By Staff, Fox 8 (New Orleans). July 4, 2012.
“Delcambre, La. – A lot of Louisiana shrimpers getting ready to call it a wrap on their inshore shrimp season say they’re hurting…” (Read more)

RESTORE Act boosts momentum for LA Wildlife’s ongoing work in Gulf (part 1 of 2)
By Laurie Wiegler, Examiner. July 3, 2012.
“On June 27th, the US Congress approved something that Gulf activists have been fighting for for two years – knowing that a huge sum of money would be channeled back to the area sucker punched by the country’s worst environmental disaster…” (Read more)

‘Southern Wild’ steeped in the ways of the Louisiana bayou
By Stacey Plaisance, Associated Press. July 4, 2012.
“NEW ORLEANS — Unlike a lot of movies shot in Louisiana, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” couldn’t have been made anywhere else…” (Read more)

Mississippi To Get BP Money
By Mike McDaniel, WTOK ABC 11 (Meridian, Miss.). July 3, 2012.
“The oil may be gone from Mississippi’s coast line, but the impacts are still lingering and thanks to congressional passage of the RESTORE Act, BP’s financial penalties are set to restore the damage…” (Read more)

RESTORE Act passed to fund Gulf Coast recovery
By July 3, 2012.
“As part of the massive transportation bill passed Friday, Congress passed the RESTORE Act, or Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economics of the Gulf Coast States Act, which brings relief to shorelines and deep water habitats affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill…” (Read more)