Latest news: March 20, 2012

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Can Governments Respond in Time to Climate Change?
By John McQuaid, Forbes Magazine. March 19, 2012.
“Unfortunately for the people who live and work there, south Louisiana is a living laboratory for climate change. The huge marshlands have been sinking and eroding for more than a century, ever since the leveeing of the Mississippi River cut off the marshes’ supply of silt, and decades of oil and gas drilling carved them up…” (Read more)

Landrieu says region must rethink its coastal remedies
By Susan Buchanan, The Louisiana Weekly. March 19, 2012.
“Louisiana needs to get smart quickly about coastal restoration, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu said in New Orleans last Monday…” (Read more)

Shell donation helps rebuild Fourchon
By Nikki Buskey, The Daily Comet (Lafourche Parish, La.). March 19, 2012.
“A $500,000 donation from Shell Oil Co. will help to build up Fourchon Beach and provide storm-surge protection for Port Fourchon…” (Read more)

Senate’s RESTORE Act a Big Win for the Gulf and all of America’s Coasts
By Dennis Takahashi-Kelso, Ocean Conservancy, for the Huffington Post. March 19, 2012.
“This week, the Senate passed the RESTORE Act as an amendment to the transportation bill so that the work of restoring the Gulf of Mexico can begin…” (Read more)

Saving the coast
By Dominick Cross, The Independent Weekly (Lafayette, La.). March 19, 2012.
“State funding that has put recycled Christmas trees on the front line of coastal defense has been expired for a couple of years now, but Rob Moreau, the manager of SLU’s Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, plans to seek grants to keep it going and is also open to funding from corporations…” (Read more)