Latest news: March 28, 2012

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BP fines should pay to fix spill damage
Editorial, The Houston Chronicle. March 27, 2012.
“After the Deepwater Horizon exploded almost two years ago, it seemed that oil would never stop gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. When the well was finally capped, we wanted desperately to believe that the disaster was over and done with.

But it’s not. The Gulf still shows its effects…” (Read more)

Letter: RESTORE Act benefits Chicago region, too
By Mariyana Spyropoulos, commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, for Chicago Wildlife News. March 27, 2012.
““Confluence” is a word that comes up often when your mission is to improve water quality and prevent flooding in the Chicago area. Recently, there has been a confluence of events that make such a mission all the more poignant…” (Read more)

The price of political ambition
By George Talbot, The Press-Register (Mobile, Ala.). March 28, 2012.
“John Adams, the Founding Father who served two terms as George Washington’s vice president, loathed the job as a waste of his time and talent…” (Read more)

BP oil disaster: People still reeling from impacts
By Jonathan Henderson, Gulf Restoration Network, for Al Jazeera. March 28, 2012.
“New Orleans, LA – Some call the Gulf of Mexico the United States’ energy coast, while others call it the nation’s energy sacrifice zone. It is undeniable that the Eastern Gulf has shouldered damaging and environmentally careless energy development in the past and is the primary domestic target area for new development. From liquefied natural gas terminals to oil and gas drilling in the outer continental shelf, the Gulf bears a heavy burden. One need only look at the ongoing BP oil drilling disaster…” (Read more)

Morganza gets $25M state infusion
By Mike Nixon, Tri-Parish Times (Houma, La.). March 27, 2012.
“Gov. Bobby Jindal increased the amount of state money being dedicated to Morganza-to-the-Gulf by designating $25 million of his new budget as a priority-five status, which means it is a cash credit line available in fiscal year 2013. Securing those funds now requires legislative approval…” (Read more)

Coral and dolphins suffer from Deep Water Horizon
By Paul Hamaker, Examiner. March 27, 2012.
“Three articles published at the Eureka Alert web site of March 26 2012, detail the long term effect that the Deep Water Horizon oil spill has had on the deep sea life and Gulf dolphins…” (Read more)

Our View: Mild weather can nurture La.’s harsh challenge: invasive species
Editorial, The Town Talk (Alexandria, La.). March 27, 2012.
“The mild winter felt like an extra spring and was more than welcome by lots of Louisianans — those of us who do not work the soil to earn our living…” (Read more)

NOAA Shares Tools for Understanding and Addressing Coastal Inundation
StormSmart Coasts. March 27, 2012.
“NOAA Coastal Services Center, as part of their Digital Coast program, has assembled a Coastal Inundation Toolkit…” (Read more)