Louisiana Needs You: Be An Advocate for Coastal Restoration!

Louisiana’s coastal land loss crisis affects us all. Our disappearing coast is an environmental and economic crisis that puts our communities, jobs and way of life at risk. Every hour, our state loses a football field of land. Disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the Gulf oil disaster only exacerbate the problem, leaving our homes more vulnerable to storm surge and future disasters. However, there are solutions to address this crisis. Together, we can work to help better protect our communities and coast for generations to come.

This fall, Louisianians will elect a new governor who will play a critical role in advancing coastal restoration. We need elected officials who are committed to restoring and protecting our coast for the people, wildlife and industries that call Louisiana home.

This is where YOU come in: We need the citizens of Louisiana to unite and be public advocates for coastal restoration!

Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Take the pledge to vote in the upcoming elections and urge all candidates to support the following restoration principles:

Together, we can send a clear message to our public officials: Louisianians want leaders who will prioritize coastal restoration, by keeping restoration dollars strictly for restoration and continuing forward progress by working to implement the state’s Coastal Master Plan.

Our goal is to get 40,000 pledges from voters this fall. Help us get there! Take the pledge to urge leaders to be a powerful voice for coastal restoration.

  1. Spread the word by sharing the pledge with family and friends. Use our Restore the Coast digital starter kit, where you can download materials to share on social media and in your community, including sample Facebook and Instagram shares, tweets, website banners and posters. Download the Restore the Coast starter kit PDF and starter kit materials.
  1. Ask the candidates: Nola.com is asking Louisianians to submit questions for the gubernatorial candidates. Visit this site and let the paper know that you want to hear how the candidates will support and advance coastal restoration! Submit your question in the comments section. Some ideas to get you started:
    • What will you do to protect coastal restoration funding and ensure it is only used for coastal restoration?
    • What will you do to find and secure new sources of funding for coastal restoration?
    • How will you advance the Coastal Master Plan and see projects through from planning to implementation?
    • How will you be a voice for coastal restoration progress?
  1. Write a Letter to the Editor: In addition to commenting on nola.com, you can also submit a letter to the editor. Let the staff at your local paper know that coastal restoration is important to you, and that you want to hear how the candidates will protect coastal restoration funding, secure new coastal restoration funding, support the Coastal Master Plan and be a voice for coastal restoration progress. Here are some talking points to get you started, and you can find information about how to submit a letter to the editor at the following links:

Thanks for being a coastal restoration advocate! Our future depends on involvement and support from people like you.