Meet Stephanie Powell

06.07.2011 | In People, Uncategorized

Stephanie is the field director for the joint Mississippi River Delta restoration campaign.  She is responsible for running the field operations of the campaign, including writing and implementing a national field plan, contributing strategic and political analysis and working with staff to build grassroots support for restoration efforts.

Before joining the campaign, Stephanie was the executive director of the Southern Energy Network, a regional organization dedicated to working with youth to combat climate change, advance renewable energy and promote a smart, just energy economy.  Previously, she worked for the Gulf Restoration Network, where she organized community members to help protect wetlands, stop water pollution, and minimize the Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

“Growing up in north Florida, my family spent a lot of time outdoors,” says Stephanie.  “Whether fishing with my uncles along black bottom creeks, boating on the coast, or sitting on cypress knees, water and wetlands were a huge part of my culture and my childhood.”

When asked what she loves most about her role, Stephanie replied “David Muth’s crawfish boil!  Or talking about hunting with Andy McDaniels.  But in all seriousness, culture and connection to place are really important to me.  It feels great to wake up every morning and know that I’m part of a team that is not only amazingly talented, but personally connected and passionately dedicated to protecting and restoring one of our country’s most important natural areas.”

Stephanie is a graduate of the Green Corps’ Field School of Environmental Organizing and has participated in the Rockwood Leadership program.  She holds B.A.s in Political Science and Anthropology from the University of Georgia.  Stephanie also serves on the Dogwood Alliance Board of Directors and the Energy Action Coalition Steering Committee.