New Website Tracks Impacts of Coastal Restoration On Businesses and the Gulf Economy


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Environmental Defense Fund today launched a new business-focused website,, which provides comprehensive information and data on the direct links between Louisiana coastal restoration and the survival and growth of business sectors in the state, Gulf region and nation.

The website offers resources on the economics of restoration, policy updates on the RESTORE Act and other restoration funding, a map of businesses poised to grow with increased funding for coastal restoration, news updates and reports.

Who would find this website helpful?

If you are a supporter and advocate of coastal restoration, you will find this site useful for messaging and talking points. Be sure to check out the news section where, for instance, you can learn that the long-awaited Treasury regulations for the RESTORE Act have recently been issued and that an important new ruling has been issued in the BP oil spill trial. If you are a business involved in coastal restoration, you will find out about important tools like the state’s Hot List, which tracks the status on current projects and projects under development.

What will you find?

The site contains many useful resources – in plain English – about the crisis of coastal land loss in Louisiana, what’s happening with implementation of the federal RESTORE Act and the status of related funding streams available for Louisiana coastal restoration. For example, site visitors may be interested in:

How can you help?

We always need business leaders willing to speak out in support of restoration, be available for media interviews, write letters to the editor or participate in key meetings. If you want to help, we can loop you into what’s happening. Contact us or sign up for monthly updates.

You can also help by telling others about this new website by:

Coastal land loss is not only bad for the environment — it’s bad for the economy. To learn more, visit

Coastal wetlands in Louisiana are disappearing at the rate of a football field of land every hour. This land loss threatens our communities as well as thousands of businesses and jobs along the Gulf Coast. To learn more about what can be done, visit

If you are a business, please cruise around the site and let us know if it’s helpful, or what would make it more useful for your business purposes. To contribute content or get more information,