Show your #LOVE for the gulf: RESTORE Act online week of action starts Monday

By Ryan Rastegar, Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign Coordinator

Starting Monday Feb. 13 and continuing throughout the week, the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign will be sending some Valentine’s Day love to the gulf! We’ll be tweeting and Facebooking specific members of Congress, urging them to send BP oil spill fines back to the gulf by passing the RESTORE Act.

It has been almost two years since the devastating BP gulf oil spill of 2010, and Congress has yet to act to ensure that the fines from this disaster go back to the areas that were damaged. In the coming months, BP is expected to pay up to $21 billion in penalties from the oil spill. But without any action from Congress, this money could go toward unrelated federal spending. That’s why we’re supporting the RESTORE Act.

The RESTORE Act would ensure that 80 percent of the oil spill penalties paid by BP would go back to the gulf to be used for restoring the region’s communities, economies and environment. It’s time that Congress takes a stand and passes this legislation NOW before it’s too late.

If Congress doesn’t act soon, this money may not be used for repairing the environmentally and economically devastated region. That’s why the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign is taking it to the web!

Join us next week as we pressure the Senate to pass the RESTORE Act this month. We’ll be targeting Senate leaders Harry Reid (D-NV) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Check back here on Monday Feb. 13 for specific instructions on how you can join our nationwide online action to help restore the gulf!


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