Still Not Over: Three years later

04.18.2013 | In Latest News, Uncategorized

Saturday, April 20 marks three years since the start of the BP oil disaster. Three years since the explosion that left 11 men dead and spewed 4.1 million barrels of oils into the Gulf of Mexico. Though time has passed, the spill’s effects are still unfolding. Researchers continue to monitor conditions on the ground. The new science continuing to come out demonstrates that the disaster’s effects won’t be fully known for years. The legal proceedings continue, too. Just this week, first phase of BP’s civil trial wrapped up in New Orleans. This phase will determine BP’s level of responsibility in the spill.

The infographic below contains important dates and facts from the past three years. With impacts on such a large-scale as this, we can only hope that restoration will happen soon.

After reading this post, take action! Tell BP it’s time to stop stalling and pay up. We’ll make sure your message gets to them.