Two Years Later

This week marks the two year anniversary of the BP oil spill

Do you remember where you were on April 20th, 2010 – when news broke of the horrific explosion on the Deepwater Horizon BP oil rig, killing 11 workers, injuring 17 others and wreaking unimaginable havoc on the already struggling gulf coast? Do you remember the fiery inferno, the polluted water or the oil-covered dead animals that flooded the media shortly thereafter?

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Trust us. You’ll be glad you did. Welcome to “Two Years Later,” a commemoration of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill (seriously, we can’t believe it’s already been two years either). All week long, we’ll be posting stories, photos and videos to honor all that was lost in the devastating events of the BP oil spill and send a strong message to our legislators that gulf coast is still in dire need of restoration. For instance, did you know that as recently as two weeks ago, oil was found washing up on the shores of coastal Louisiana, despite claims from BP that the cleanup was successful? Did you also know that penalties from BP have STILL not been delivered to the gulf?

All week long, we’ll be sharing facts and stories about the oil spill and how it has affected the gulf, and we hope you’ll join us by ‘liking,’ commenting, sharing and tweeting our stories as well.

Be sure to check Delta Dispatches all week long to take part in our daily action. And this Friday, April 20th, the official 2 year anniversary of the explosion that started it all, we’ll be organizing a national day of action to send a strong message to our legislators that we need gulf coast restoration.

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