Black Lives Matter

06.16.2020 | In Coastal Restoration

Restore the Mississippi River Delta stands in opposition to all forms of racism, police brutality and violence against Black people and communities. We share our country’s grief and anger over the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Modesto Reyes and the countless other Black people whose lives have been brutally taken. Anti-Blackness and Anti-Black racism are systemic issues that exist across all facets of American society, including our own coastal restoration efforts in Louisiana. We pledge to fundamentally address these issues, and we challenge our partners to join us and also hold us accountable to implementing positive changes.

Our mission is for Louisiana to have a restored coast for wildlife, economies and all people, which includes our state’s Black communities. We recognize that our ongoing equity work is not enough. This work must challenge the inequitable systems that have impacted and traditionally excluded Black communities. Otherwise, we fall short of our mission. This work must also include looking at our own internal structure and recognizing the intersectional nature of these challenges.

It is our responsibility to do the work to become better allies. We recognize that listening to Black voices, needs and solutions is our first step in this endeavor. As allies, we’re committed to using our platforms, privilege and influence in our continual pursuit of a sustainable Louisiana coast that is equitable, inclusive and just.

Black Lives Matter.


In Solidarity,

Restore the Mississippi River Delta