Coastal Latest & Greatest: 3 Pieces of Thought-Leadership on Louisiana’s Coast

04.13.2018 | In Latest News

A weekly round-up of what’s new in Louisiana coastal restoration


Steve Cochran - Restore the Mississippi River Delta1) Steve Cochran. Our campaign director weighs in on the future of our coast and the importance of rethinking how we manage the Mississippi River & Tributaries System in his opinion piece in The Times-Picayune, “Mississippi River’s high water is a missed opportunity to restore the coast.”

Steve writes, “Using the Mississippi River as a land-building asset will be the difference between staying and leaving for much of south Louisiana. As it has always done, the river will define our very existence here.”


Cynthia Duet - Restore the Mississippi River Delta2) Cynthia Duet. Deputy Director of Audubon Louisiana emphasizes the urgent need to replenish the Coastal Trust Fund with state surplus dollars to ensure coastal restoration and protection projects are advancing with urgency in her letter-to-the-editor in The Advocate, “Don’t take money away from coast.”

Cynthia writes, “The ball is now in the Legislature’s court, and it is integral that they, and ultimately the Governor, send a strong message to all people watching, from the federal government to those living in communities that are slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s time for the state to back up its words with real dollars.”


Natalie Peyronnin - Restore the Mississippi River Delta3) Natalie Peyronnin. Science Policy Director for Environmental Defense Fund responds to a recent scientific study receiving press coverage about the disappearance of the Mississippi River Delta, highlighting how the study reinforces the need to get sediment diversions in operation as quickly as possible in her blog, “Facing Continued Land Loss, Mississippi River Delta Needs Diversions More Than Ever.” Natalie was also interviewed on this subject for Della Hasselle’s The Lens article, “Study: Louisiana can’t rebuild land faster than it’s eroding, forcing tough decisions about what to save.”


ICYMI: The Mississippi River watershed is made up of 33 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Learn a little more about the conservation work going on upriver that affects us at home in Louisiana.