Coastal Latest & Greatest: 3 Stories Look Back at the History of Our Coastal Parishes

03.30.2018 | In Latest News

A weekly round-up of what’s new in Louisiana coastal restoration

1) Iberia. The Tabasco company, based on Avery Island in Iberia Parish, has a unique and intriguing history with conservation. Listen to this interview with Shane Bernard, Tabasco Historian, to learn about this iconic Louisiana company and the Queen of England’s favorite hot sauce!


2) Lafourche. Ted Jackson’s article in The Times-Picayune, “Buried at sea: As cemeteries on Louisiana’s coast wash away, so does history,” takes you on an emotional journey through Lafourche Parish, an area that is losing land, and the history tied to it, at an astonishing rate. Jessica Schexnayder, co-author of “Fragile Grounds: Louisiana’s Endangered Cemeteries,” explains this critical land loss as such, “We’re losing the bottom of our state like a piece of fabric that is unraveling.”


3) Terrebonne. “Photographs and Memories: 1910 article describes route from New Orleans to the Atchafalaya,” by Bill Ellzey in the Daily Comet, reprints an article written in 1910 about navigating the waterways of Terrebonne Parish. Who knew the historic spelling of “Boudreaux” was “Budsoe?” Check out Ellzey’s article for tales of pirates, plantations and prairies.