Coastal Latest & Greatest: 3 Ways Over $130 Million is Coming to Restore the Coast

04.27.2018 | In Latest News

A weekly round-up of what’s new in Louisiana coastal restoration


1) $9.3 Million – RESTORE Council. The Office of the Governor released a statement, “RESTORE Council Awards $9.3 Million Grant to Louisiana,” outlining the seven restoration and protection projects selected for funding. Johnny Bradberry, Chairman of the CPRA Board said, “This grant will support and advance our goal of having the multiple benefits a sustainable ecosystem provides for a safe, productive and resilient working coast.”

Here is a quick list of the funded projects:


Illustration of Lake Boudreaux restoration. Credit: LA SAFE

2) $40 Million – LA SAFE and HUD. In a new program called Louisiana’s Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments, dubbed “LA SAFE,” the Foundation for Louisiana spent months researching data and engaging the public around our changing coast and what that means for communities. LA SAFE ultimately selected 10 resiliency projects to implement that, ideally, could be replicated across the state. These projects will share $40 million of federal Housing and Urban Development funds coming to New Orleans. Read Drew Broach’s article, “These 10 Louisiana coastal community projects will share $40 million,” in The Times-Picayune to learn more.


3) $82 Million – GOMESA. Bryn Stole’s article in The Advocate, “Louisiana gets $82 million for coastal restoration from Gulf of Mexico oil revenue-sharing deal,” takes a look at this big chunk of offshore oil revenue coming to our state—the vast majority of which is set aside for coastal restoration. This amount is still far less than was expected, but Bryn writes, “The payment will provide a major boost for coastal protection and restoration projects in cash-strapped Louisiana, where state lawmakers in Baton Rouge are currently grappling with a several-million-dollar budget shortfall.”


ICYMI: Just as we need to put our limited restoration funding to good use, we need to be just as prudent with our natural resources. Learn how Louisiana can do this better in David Muth’s opinion piece in Ensia, “It’s Time to Untame the Mighty Mississippi River and Stop Wasting Millions of Dollars of Sediment Each Year.”