Conference: Answering Fundamental Questions about Mississippi River Delta Restoration

By Shannon Hood, Environmental Defense Fund

On October 9 and 10, the Mississippi River Delta Science and Engineering Special Team (SEST) will host its first conference, titled “Answering Fundamental Questions about Mississippi River Delta Restoration.

The SEST was convened over two years ago and is comprised of leading engineers, economists and scientists from around the country with specialties ranging from river engineering to coastal ecology to sociology. This team brings a new approach to Mississippi River Delta restoration, in that they recognize its multifaceted nature and have brought together specialists to approach the most salient issues from a wide range of viewpoints. The conference is a further discussion of the group’s previously released report and a precursor to their forthcoming book.

On Oct. 9, the experts will discuss topics including the usefulness of river diversions to build land, the amount of available sediment in the Mississippi River, navigation and flood control issues, the region’s economic contributions, climate change impacts, the effects of nutrients on wetlands and the effects of restoration on communities and fisheries. On Oct. 10, the SEST group will convene for an interactive panel discussion of policy implications. View the full agenda here.

Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta region is home to vibrant communities, rich habitats and is a hub for international commerce. For all to thrive in the future, a restoration plan must consider the full array of interests encompassed here within the context of rising seas. A dynamic issue requires dynamic thinking, and that is what this team has provided.

SEST members include:

For more information or to register for the conference, please click here.