Eternal Flow: Mississippi River Views from Louisiana

10.20.2021 | In Community & Events

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is excited to debut a new documentary film, Eternal Flow: Mississippi River Views from Louisiana at this year’s 9th annual NOLA River Fest. This “stacked documentary” by filmmaker Kevin McCaffery is a unique collection of vignettes on different cultural, historical, economic and ecological perspectives on the Mississippi River.

For miles and for centuries, the Mississippi River has been the central pulse of our nation. New Orleanians reflect on the intrigue, history and power of the river that connects and drains so much of North America. From its narrow headwaters in Minnesota, past New Orleans where its mouth empties into the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River’s flow links our past, present and future.

Viewers can learn about an itinerant “River Preacher” who connected rural and urban areas in recent decades; discover the history of the sugar industry in Louisiana, while highlighting the lives of enslaved people; and hear about a “living laboratory” in the Wax Lake Delta – an area of Louisiana’s coast that is building land using sediment and fresh water in a landscape that is otherwise suffering some of the most extreme land loss rates on the planet.

All of the vignettes are available for viewing in segments below and view the film in its entirety here prior to the virtual Q&A panel discussions at River Fest from October 25-29.

Watch the Vignettes


The River Preacher

Wax Lake Delta

Malaika’s Youth With the River

Enigmatic Stream

Drink the Water

River Runs Through Us

River Pilots, Commerce, Environments

You Make Your Own Luck If You Got Good Bait

Louisiana’s Sugar Story

Flow In the Raw – The Six Foot Interviews