Knowledge is Power: Introducing a New Guide to Coastal Restoration!

09.29.2021 | In Coastal Restoration

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is proud to present our “Community Guide to Coastal Restoration.” This is a quick reference guide to help you -whether you are new to coastal restoration or very familiar with it – better understand and navigate the web of entities, decision-makers, and funding sources involved in the restoration of our coast. It is available both online, and as a physical booklet.

Many in Louisiana are familiar with the land loss crisis the state is facing. We often hear of a football field of land being lost every 100 minutes. Such a significant challenge comes with many different solutions, which can quickly become confusing to anyone interested in supporting coastal restoration efforts. That is why Restore the Mississippi River Delta has compiled this guide. We hope that this will be a valuable resource to the people wanting to know more about coastal restoration, those already engaged in advocacy efforts, and the decision-makers who represent us. 

You can find the website here, and request a copy of the handbook by emailing