Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 16, 2015

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Commentary: Charting a new future for the Gulf of Mexico
By Laura Huffman, Houston Chronicle. April 15, 2015
“The Deepwater Horizon oil spill destroyed livelihoods, damaged fragile ecosystems and disrupted the way of life of the Gulf region. But from that tragedy has emerged an unparalleled opportunity to invest in the future of the Gulf Coast.” (Read More)

Gulf health 5 years after BP spill: Resilient yet scarred
By Seth Borenstein & Cain Burdeau, Associated Press. April 16, 2015
“The spill was — and continues to be — a disaster,” said Oregon State marine sciences professor Jane Lubchenco, who was the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration during the spill. “The bottom line is that oil is nasty stuff. Yes, the Gulf is resilient, but it was hit pretty darn hard.” (Read More)
Five years later, Deepwater Horizon oil spill recovery parties renew commitment to long term Gulf recovery
Government Security News Magazine. April 15, 2015
“Five years after the nation’s largest off-shore oil spill, the leaders of three aspects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill recovery effort, including the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council), the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Trustees, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), have expressed continued commitment to ensure the Gulf of Mexico fully recovers from this disaster.” (Read More)