Latest Mississippi River Delta News: August 12, 2015

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Report: More protective measures recommended to protect New Orleans from strong storms.
*features David Muth, NWF & John Lopez, LPBF
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. August 12, 2015
The truth is we’re not safer than ever. We’re safer than we were a day before Hurricane Katrina,” she said. The wetlands outside the massive levee system haven’t been restored and without that, as well as better work to handle drainage within New Orleans, levees can still be overtopped and flooding within the city can still occur.” (Read More)

New Orleans’ future depends on coastal restoration, but where’s the money?
*features Kimberly Reyher, CRCL
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. August 11, 2015
In the long term, sustaining our coast will require a sustained federal, state and local investment and support, as well as the willingness of private interests to invest in their own protection – and to attract these dollars, we will need to show results,” Reyher said. “In the near term, there will be pressures at both state and federal levels to use available dollars for purposes other than coastal restoration and protection. It will be critical that our leaders resist that temptation.” (Read More)
A Bird’s- Eye View of Coastal Wetlands Loss
*features David Muth, NWF
By Jesse Hardman, WWNO. August 11, 2015
A coalition of wetlands restoration advocates are using the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to push their cause, rebuilding marsh along the Mississippi Delta. The MRGO Must Go Coalition wants to remind local residents that Hurricane Katrina’s impact was largely due to environmental degradation caused by private and public entities.” (Read More)
State leaders renew calls to fix wetlands destroyed by MRGO shipping channel
*features John Lopez, LPBF
By AP, The Times-Picayune. August 12, 2015
If we fail to get coastal restoration and hurricane protection right, nothing else will really matter,” said Walt Leger III, a Democratic state representative from New Orleans who also serves as speaker pro tempore in the state House.” (Read More)
Enviros, state officials call for MRGO wetlands restoration
By Cain Burdeau, Seattle pi. August 11, 2015
Environmental groups and state leaders Tuesday renewed calls to fix the wetlands outside New Orleans destroyed by the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, a federally built shipping channel blamed for worsening the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The MRGO Must Go Coalition — a collection of national and state environmental groups — issued a report calling for federal funds to fix the damage.” (Read More)
Coastal restoration: The money, by the numbers
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. August 11, 2015
Here’s a breakdown of the money needed to pay for Louisiana’s Master Plan, with half dedicated to coastal restoration. The chart includes known and possible future money sources.” (Read More)