Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 23, 2015

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New Technology Tested Along A Battle Line for Saltwater Intrusion
By Nick Janzen, WWNO, Dec. 23, 2015. “An innovative partnership led by the America’s Wetland Foundation is fighting on two fronts: against saltwater intruding up from the Gulf of Mexico threatening the Intracoastal, and against the Intracoastal itself eroding the surrounding marsh. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway has a levee like most in Louisiana—mud, piled high, with grass growing on it. America’s Wetland Foundation partnered with private landowners, non-profits and local businesses to try to stabilize that levee with a new technology called Vegetative EcoShield.” (Read more).

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, ExxonMobil and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation are Leading a New Kind of Corporate Philanthropy in the Capital Region
Mentions Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana 
By Maggie Heyn Richardson, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Dec. 23, 2015. “We know that there are times when product line influences a company’s support of a particular cause,” says Kelly Pepper, president & CEO of the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, or LANO. “For example, ‘pharma’ might look to health fields. Abita Beer raised money for hurricane relief through Restoration Pale Ale, and Mignon Faget raised funds for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana through its pelican necklace. These are cases where it adds that human element to the corporate image, and it’s a good thing for everyone.” (Read more).

Q&A: Terrebonne Parish President-Elect Gordy Dove
By Sean Ellis, Houma Today, Dec. 20, 2015. “It’s ridiculous to even talk about retreating. You name the states from North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, all these coastal communities so we should be the one that even talks about moving north? There’s no reason to move north. We have a lot of projects in play right now. We have a lot of projects that are under construction. We have Whiskey Island under construction. We have Morganza, 35 miles of levee with 5 operational floodgates.” (Read more).

Living Shoreline to Bring Back Eroded Marsh Areas, Marine Life in Hancock Co. 
By Lisa Monti, Mississippi Business Journal, Dec. 23, 2015. “You won’t be able to see most of the structure except from a boat when the tide is low, but the “living shoreline” planned for Hancock County is expected to prevent the erosive pattern of  disappearing marsh that is critical to marine life, shorebirds and ultimately to fishermen. The living shoreline is just one on the state’s growing list of restoration projects funded by BP oil spill money. The shoreline itself is the first of its size in the state, and will receive  around $50 million of the BP early restoration money that was advanced to jump start recovery even before the full injury was understood.” (Read more).