Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 05, 2014

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Disappearing Defenses: The victories of 2014 (Video – David Muth)
By John Snell, WVUE. Jan. 04, 2015.
“The river built this place, all the land we are standing on, and we have to let it start building again.” (Read more )
Louisiana’s much-needed plan to save its wetlands is short almost $50 billion
By Adam Wernick, PRI. Jan. 04, 2015.
“If they don’t get this done in 50 to 60 years, they can’t get it done. [The result] will be a massive environmental evacuation from this part of the state to the north, finding homes for people and industries.” (Read more )
As Louisiana’s marshes erode, so does the Houma Indians way of life
By Stell Simonton, Aljazeera America. Jan. 05, 2015.
“Louisiana is scrambling to address the severe coastline loss. A 50-year-plan that could cost $50 billion will bring in silt, build levees and nurture marsh regrowth.” (Read more )
Coalition seeks input on coastal restoration
By Jonathan Olivier, Houma Courrier. Dec. 31, 2014.
“An environmental group is asking for public input on coastal restoration issues before traveling to the nation’s capital at the end of the month to meet with legislators.” (Read more )