Latest Mississippi River Delta News: July 16, 2014

EPA Climate Justice: Restoring the Louisiana Coast to Combat Future Effects of Climate Change
By Carey Perry and Hilary Collis, Today Media Network (EPA Blog reposted). July 15, 2014.
“Imagine living on land that is slowly sinking, while the water that surrounds you is slowly rising…” (read more)

Leaders of Conservation: Vanishing Paradise Outreach Coordinator Andy McDaniels
By Daniel Xu, OutdoorHub. July 10, 2014.
“The Mississippi River Delta is known by many names. It has been called at one time…” (read more)

Freshwater diversions not without controversy
By Jerald Horst, Louisiana Sportsman. July 15, 2014.
“Kevin Schilling said flatly that having the freshwater diversion is “the key” the Caernarvon bass fishery…” (read more)