Latest Mississippi River Delta News: June 10, 2015

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Our Views: The shell recycling program pays dividends for all
The Advocate. June 9, 2015
In Louisiana, it’s hard to beat a half-shell for a good cause. That’s why we applaud the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and its dozen partners among New Orleans restaurants who are saving up oyster shells for a unique recycling project.” (Read More)
Hurricane season brings fears of massive Deepwater Horizon oiling in Gulf of Mexico
By Charles Digges, Bellona. June 9, 2015
An Alabama chemist is warning Gulf of Mexico residents that future hurricanes could bring Deepwater Horizon oil and dispersant inland via storm surges and heavy rains, and pose even bigger environmental threats and health risks than the initial spill in 2010.” (Read More)
Louisiana’s music, wetlands inspire new documentary
By Herman Fuselier, The Advertiser. June 9, 2015
The film also serves are a primer on Louisiana’s wetlands, efforts to control their future and damage done by oil and gas exploration and pipelines. Producers hope their documentary reminds viewers of the cultural and economic importance of the state.” (Read More)