Latest Mississippi River Delta News: June 6, 2013

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Don’t neglect protection of marshes, wetlands in RESTORE projects
By Ben Raines, Executive Director, Weeks Bay Foundation, for The Press Register (Mobile, Ala.). June 5, 2013.
“After months of deliberation, federal officials released a draft version of the “Initial Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast’s Ecosystem and Economy,” which details how the RESTORE Act funds will be spent along the Gulf Coast…” (Read more)

Coastal homeowners stagger under insurance rate hikes
By Jeff Amy, The Associated Press, and Ted Griggs, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.). June 5, 2013.
“Louisiana homeowners insurance jumped an average of 58.6 percent between 2003 and 2010, the third-highest increase nationwide, according to an analysis of National Association of Insurance Commissioners figures by The Associated Press…” (Read more)

Program launched to use oyster shells on coast
WDSU News. June 5, 2013.
“BATON ROUGE, La. —A new program announced by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is aimed at helping New Orleans-area restaurants recycle oyster shells…” (Read more)

Tropical Storm Andrea, first of 2013, forms in Gulf of Mexico
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). June 5, 2013.
“National Hurricane Center forecasters have begun sending out advisories on Tropical Storm Andrea, the first named storm of 2013, after an Air Force reconnaissance aircraft reported a well-defined circulation in the low pressure area centered over the east-central Gulf of Mexico late Wednesday afternoon…” (Read more)

BP’s Oil Spill Deal Sours as Claims Add Billions to Cost
By Margaret Cronin Fisk, Brian Swint & Laurel Calkins, Bloomberg News. June 5, 2013.
“BP Plc’s $8 billion settlement with victims of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill may have hurt Europe’s second-largest oil company more than it helped…” (Read more)

Louisiana, rest of Gulf gets uniform red-snapper season
By Todd Masson, The Times-Picayune. June 5, 2013.
“Louisiana gained four days on its 2013 federal red snapper season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Wednesday…” (Read more)