Latest Mississippi River Delta News: June 7, 2013

Where the BP oil spill money is going
Erin Burnett, CNN. June 6, 2013.
“How the money BP is spending to restore the ecosystem along the Gulf Coast is really being used…” (Video)

Progress slow in Gulf Coast oil cleanup as funding still uncertain
By Kate Irby, McClatchy. June 6, 2013.
“WASHINGTON — Three years after the infamous BP oil spill off the Gulf Coast, lawmakers are still trying to nail down the effectiveness of past, present and future relief efforts backed by billions of dollars…” (Read more)

Three years after spill, recovery accelerating
By Ledyard King, Gannett. June 6, 2013.
“WASHINGTON — Three years after the BP oil spill ravaged the Gulf Coast in the nation’s worst environmental disaster, federal officials and coastal communities say the pace of government-sponsored recovery efforts is slowly starting to pick up…” (Read more)

Sediment diversions in Plaquemines criticized, defended
By Amy Wold, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.). June 7, 2013.
“After an advisory panel’s agenda that included updates on diversion research, diversion studies and a progress report on plans for diversion near Myrtle Grove in Plaquemines Parish, several public speakers expressed their concerns about the whole concept…” (Read more)

Gulf oil wells have been leaking since 2004 hurricane
By John Upton, Grist. June 6, 2013.
“Oil has been gushing from a group of wells south of New Orleans since a platform at the site was wiped out by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and it appears that nothing is being done to staunch or control the leaking…” (Read more)

Scientists study marsh turtles
By Nikki Buskey, The Houma (La.) Courier. June 6, 2013.
“State scientists are studying the population of a unique turtle species that can be found in the salt marshes of Terrebonne, Lafourche and Grand Isle…” (Read more)