Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 27, 2015

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Coastal restoration group details progress made with wetlands
*features Kim Reyher, CRCL
By Bridget Mire, Daily Comet. May 26, 2015
“One of the approaches we’re really supportive of is the use of sediment diversion,” she said. “The basic idea is to put the (Mississippi) River back to work building land. The river’s been constrained behind levees for so long, and we’re not using the tool that we have.” (Read More)
On the Bayou: Front Lines of Climate Change
By Gabe Schwartzman, Daily Yonder. May 26, 2015
“Southern Louisiana, faced with increasingly powerful storms, disappearing swamps, sinking land, and now, rising seas, has become the American test case for dealing with climate change. And if Katrina was the precedent for an urban climate crisis, Louisiana’s bayous have become the pilot site for dealing with climate change in rural American. This means working on mitigation, resiliency, and relocation.” (Read More)