Latest Mississippi River Delta News: May 6, 2015

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NOAA announces long-term Gulf of Mexico ecosystem research priorities
NOAA. May 06, 2015
“As part of the final version of the science plan for the NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program, today NOAA announced 10 long-term research priorities in the Gulf of Mexico, including how the Gulf’s waters, natural resources, fisheries and coastal communities are all interconnected. NOAA’s program supports research on the Gulf’s long-term ecological sustainability and its fisheries.” (Read More)

Ducks Unlimited secures funding for Texas, Louisiana projects
By Conor Harrison, LoneStar Outdoor News. May 06, 2015
“The coastal prairies and marshes of Texas and Louisiana provide some of the most critical waterfowl habitat on the continent. Unfortunately, this habitat and all of its values to wildlife, fisheries and people are disappearing,” said DU Director of Conservation Programs Jerry Holden. “We are battling a long-term crisis of coastal marsh loss exacerbated by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and the selection of these grants reflects a national understanding of that importance.” (Read More)

Conference is next step after ruling in complicated 2005 Hurricane Katrina flood lawsuit
By Kevin McGill, AP. May 06, 2015
“Braden’s ruling noted the environmental damage widely attributed to the channel in ruling that the MRGO played a role in flooding in St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans’ hard-hit Lower 9th Ward. The MRGO was closed in 2009.” (Read More)