Latest Mississippi River Delta news: Nov. 12, 2015

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Louisiana can again hold the ducks it used to, guide says
By Todd Masson, The Times-Picayune. Nov. 11, 2015.
“South Louisiana hunters have seen a consistent decline in recent years in the numbers of ducks that overwinter in the region, and Ryan Lambert says it’s due to one reason: The birds don’t have enough to eat.

‘We’ve lost 2,000 square miles of land. Ducks don’t eat land, but we’ve probably lost 10,000 square miles of habitat,’ he said. ‘That’s millions and millions of food hours for ducks. If you don’t have the food sources to maintain the millions of ducks that used to come to South Louisiana, they can’t stay.’…” (read more).

Study: BP oil still lingering at bottom of Gulf of Mexico
By Tania Dall, WWL-TV. Nov. 11, 2015.
“Half of the oil from the BP oil spill may still be on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Those are the findings a new study released by a University of Georgia scientist who claims the chemical used to get rid of the oil didn’t do its job…” (read more).