Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Nov. 27, 2013

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Louisiana’s green armies might clash
By John Maginnis, Opinion, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.). Nov. 26, 2013.
“For two guys who do not play the guitar or football and don’t shoot ducks on TV, John Barry and Russel Honoré are as close to major celebrities as we have in Louisiana, with their fame both established in connection to historic floods…” (read more)

Complicated back story of lawsuit dispute
By Staphanie Grace, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.). Nov. 26, 2013.
“So maybe there’s more than meets the eye to the Jindal administration’s over-the-top denunciation of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East’s lawsuit against nearly 100 oil and gas companies over decades of catastrophic wetlands loss…” (read more)

Has state found strategy to hold Corps of Engineers responsible for coastal erosion?
By Bob Marshall, The Lens (New Orleans, La.). Nov. 27, 2013.
“Has Louisiana found the silver bullet long sought by environmental attorneys: a way to pierce the shield of immunity the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has enjoyed against lawsuits for wetlands damage it may have caused?…” (read more)

BP’s tab nears $5B in Deepwater Horizon settlement
By Sean McLernon, Law360. Nov. 26, 2013.
“Businesses and individuals claiming property and economic loss from the Deepwater Horizon spill have received more than $3.7 billion in settlement funds from BP PLC, with an additional $1.2 billion scheduled for payment, according to a status report lodged in Louisiana federal court Monday…” (read more)

Corps of Engineers will consider ring levees for St. James Parish, extended levee in St. John
By Littice Bacon-Blood, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, La.). Nov. 26, 2013.
“After several months of discussions and three highly charged public meetings, the Army Corps of Engineers announced Tuesday it will move forward with its plan to build an $881 million hurricane levee on the east bank of St. John the Baptist Parish…” (read more)

Feral hogs causing major headaches for local levee districts (+Video)
By Monica Hernandez, WWL TV (New Orleans, La.). Nov. 26, 2013.
“Local levees are being threatened by an unlikely source. Feral hogs are rooting up levees foraging for food, and it’s created a pricey problem for local levee districts…” (read more)