Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Oct. 27, 2014

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To save Louisiana’s coast, protect our Restore Act funds: Kevin Kane
Letter to the Editor by Kevin Kane, The Times-Picayune. Oct. 25, 2014.
“Louisianans received good news this month, in the form of an announcement…” (read more)

Yes, BP Did Damage the Gulf
By Kara Lankford, Politico. Oct. 26, 2014.
“In an opinion article published Tuesday, the oil giant BP would have us believe…” (read more)

Author of Bayou Farewell returns to Louisiana coast, describes how much has changed in a decade (+video)
By Leigh Isaacson, WVUE (New Orleans, La.). Oct. 24, 2014.
“A man hailed as one of the first to show the rest of the country that the Louisiana cost…” (read more)

Be smart, patient with BP money
Editorial by The Daily Comet (Lafourche Parish, La.). Oct. 25, 2014.
“Local officials have said they are being patient as they plan for how to spend…” (read more)

Partnership to pay for Terrebonne marsh terracing
By Chris Leblanc, The Daily Comet (Lafourche Parish, La.). Oct. 24, 2014.
“Ducks Unlimited, ConocoPhillips and Terrebonne Parish have joined forces on the coastal restoration…” (read more)

Rougarou Festival draws a crowd for a cause
By Chris Leblanc, The Houma Courier. Oct. 25, 2014.
“Hundreds of people, many in ghoulish Halloween costumes, converged today…” (read more)