Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 14, 2015

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Next governor will play crucial role in future of coast
*features David Muth, NWF
By AP, The Times-Picayune. October 14, 2015
The next governor will play a crucial role in Louisiana’s coastal crisis — either by aggressively working to save the coast or missing a prime opportunity to stop the state from slipping further into the Gulf of Mexico.” (Read More)

Bayou Lafourche dredging to increase water flow progresses
*features Simone Maloz, ROR
By Meredith Burns, Houma Courier. October 13, 2015
The dredge work is part of a massive project called Mississippi River Reintroduction to Bayou Lafourche that is designed to increase freshwater flow into the bayou to sustain residents’ water supply and surrounding coastal marshes.” (Read More)