Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 24, 2012

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Louisiana, Alabama head to head on BP payout
By John Maginnis, October 22, 2012.
“BATON ROUGE, La. — Here near the peak of both football and election seasons, it seems strange for a Louisiana senator to side with a senator from Alabama in a dispute in which Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration is agreeing with President Barack Obama’s…” (Read more)

Slow-moving Atchafalaya River beats Mississippi at building wetlands, new study confirms
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). October 23, 2012.
“A new study released this week confirms what coastal restoration scientists have thought all along: The slow-moving Atchafalaya River does a better job of building wetlands during major floods than the Mississippi River, which moves at a much faster pace and dumps most of its sediment into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico…” (Read more)

BP Asks for Gulf Spill Deal Ok Despite Objections
By Michael Kunzelman, The Associated Press. October 23, 2012.
“Oil giant BP has asked a federal judge to disregard objections from a fraction of claimants and give final approval to a proposed multibillion-dollar settlement over economic damages from the Gulf oil spill…” (Read more)

Two years after moratorium lifted, many expect Gulf oil production to soon exceed pre-spill levels
By Richard Thompson, The Times-Picayune. October 23, 2012.
“Two years after the White House lifted a moratorium on deepwater drilling in the wake of the BP oil spill, federal regulators have issued the most permits for new wells since 2007, and many in the industry expect oil production in the Gulf of Mexico to soon exceed pre-spill levels…” (Read more)

President Out of Control
By Quinn Hillyer, The American Spectator. October 24, 2012.
“The reported end-run around the RESTORE Act (BP spill damages fund law) is just the latest in a string of presidential power grabs…” (Read more)