Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 7, 2015

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BP Comes to Record $20.8 Billion Settlement Agreement Over Gulf Oil Spill
*features MRD statement
By Katie Valentine, Think Progress. October 6, 2015
The oil disaster damaged hundreds of miles of shoreline (and) killed more than 1 million birds, mammals and other wildlife — and we will not know the full environmental effects of the spill for decades to come,” the Audubon Audubon Society, Environmental Defense Fund, and other groups said in a joint statement. “The (assessment) process will help bring the Gulf back to the state it was before the spill, and the release of this plan is a positive step toward that end.” (Read More)

Weekends with Whitney – Featuring Audubon Louisiana (Video)
*features Doug Meffert, NAS, Karen Westphal, NAS,  Timmy Vincent, NAS
By Whitney Vann, Weekends with Whitney. October 4, 2015

Why a slow BP oil spill settlement payout may actually benefit Louisiana
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. October 6, 2015
But Logan said the extended timeline will also benefit Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states by ensuring the settlement money is distributed efficiently and actually used as intended. He said dumping a large pot of money on the coast is a recipe for problems and waste.” (Read More)
Stephanie Grace: So far U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s gubernatorial campaign has been sadly lacking in substance
By Stephanie Grace, The Advocate. October 5, 2015
What’s missing from all of this is an exchange of ideas on how to shore up the budget, keep the state’s universities from going under, fix the roads, save the coast and address all manner of woes that the next governor will have to tackle.” (Read More)