Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Sept. 10, 2014

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Boot-shaped state? Should Louisiana change the shape of its map?
By Brett Anderson, The Times-Picayune. Sept. 9, 2014.
“What does the map of Louisiana look like? It looks like a boot, right?…” (read more)

Reflections: Hurricane season and coastal erosion
Opinion by Barry Hoekstra, The Shreveport Times. Sept9, 2014.
“It is hurricane season in Louisiana. While summers in our area can be…” (read more)

RESTORE application process begins soon
By John Henderson, The Panama City News Herald. Sept. 9, 2014.
“In a couple of weeks, organizations seeking funds for environmental and economic development…” (read more)

The State of the Birds: Four critical habitats
By Smithsonian Science. Sept. 9, 2014.
“Wetlands are one of the habitats to benefit most from conservation. The North American Wetlands…” (read more)